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We are a Discretionary Fund Manager offering a goals-based investment approach, aligning financial solutions to client’s specific life goals.

Key to our ethos is service and engagement, ensuring direct and continued access for your financial adviser to our trusted and dependable investment team.

Goals based investing

Who we are

We are a new Discretionary Fund Manager taking an innovative approach to managing clients’ investment solutions. We are part of Radiant Financial Group, a new and fresh consolidator of financial services businesses, bringing together like-minded firms to provide a market-leading range of services to their clients.

What we do

Goals-based investing is an innovative and holistic investment approach, encompassing all your financial goals. This approach enables financial advisers to talk differently, invest differently and report differently to clients.

How we do it

Through our models you will gain access to best-in-class active managers from across the globe with exposure to over 10,000 individual holdings, offering institutional level diversification.

For more information, please speak to your Radiant financial planner.